My Three Wishes for this year

Friday, 17 April 2015

My wishes is my destiny, cos God always hear what we pray, this year I don't make many wishes as my age, I just have 3 wishes for this year and I really hope I can get all of this.

My first wish is to marry
My first wish is to marry last year was a bad year for me for this one, I lost my fiance, he died cos of ill, we had plan for our future to marry to have 2 children and to open a small restaurant, He is a chef and we plan to work together, he died and i was so sad, but I have to live my life, I believe in God because God know  everything, God love me then other do. I love my fiance so much, and Neil is always in my hearth till now but life must go on I have plan to marry this year, this is my first wish and I know God hear this wish and I will do my best!
My second wish is work with UN (united nation)

Working with United Nation is another wish in this year, I know this is very hard for me to make it real but this is not hard for God so i make pray all day and try to find job with UN, even some friend said working with UN is not good, people there not nice but this is my dream and i have to reach this.
My third wish is continue my study
Continue study is my desire but sometime money become a problem, I know God will help me for this, everything is in good time, so I will always try my best for this, there will be a lot of opportunities to people  who want to try, because God will not change you if you not try it by urself.

So... this is my 3 wishes and hope everyone can pray for me please... specially my MOM, you are my saint woman and I know you always pray to GOD for me, LOVE YOU AS ALWAYS AND LOVE EVERYONE

What foreigners "bule" though about Aceh

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Join couch surfing  make me meet foreigners all around the world and that make me know about other country and culture from that people or culture from the country they visited before came to my city. I am living in Banda Aceh Indonesia, a famous city with Islamic law and that make foreign people afraid to visit Aceh (this is the fact what they thought about Aceh before they visit here), Of course this is not good for Aceh itself because the reality is not like that, what I can say Aceh is a peaceful  city with friendly people who life there. 

As a couch surfing member I have been hosted some foreigners and they look so happy here in Banda Aceh and they want to stay for longer. Sometimes media write about  bad issue not reality but well, here is what foreign people thought about Aceh before they visit here and after stayed in Aceh.

What foreigners thought about Aceh before they visit here:
Aceh is an Islamic strict city who not care about woman, all woman force to wear hijab, man like to bother woman, syariah police will cought woman and man who not obey the role and will whip all who against"  this all issue make them afraid to visit Aceh and most of them asked me this question when they requested to stay at my house

My only answer for this all is " The good way to know everything is not just listen but prove it and you are welcome to Aceh" I dont want to say Aceh is nice place or friendly people but what I want is came and see by yourself.

Of course it make them worried at the first but some who brave came to visit to Banda Aceh and they face by their own experience and I really appreciate this kind people, not just listen but brave to experience.

So....after they visited Aceh, what they think or listen is   different, here is what foreigners people thought about Aceh after visited:

Aceh is peaceful place to visit, very nice view, beautiful beach, friendly people, they respect non-muslim and not force them to wear hijab and just to wear police, even they asked to wear hijab when go to big mosque and this is to respect muslim belief, people like to smile and treat well, Aceh a nice place to visit and wish to visit Aceh again in future"

See........ we can prove to other people from all around the world, Aceh is a good place to visit, just prove tham that what they think about Aceh is wrong, the real is Aceh always welcome to all people and respect each other can make everything in good situation.

 The moral from this story is
Show your good manner and other will respect to you, don't just listen but prove it, you will never know the real if you never prove it. 

SO welcome to my beautiful land and  enjoy your time #visitBandaAceh #visitIndonesia

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