4th week at new office

Monday, March 7, 2016

it was long time not write in my blog, not because I don't have idea but I am to busy at my work, yeah I got new job and this is my 4th weeks working here. I am working with humanitarian organization and still same for DRR, disaster risk reduction.
I thought my passion is here, wish to be a great one, one day for sure will be a DRR delegate, I will do my best and God will do the rest. for sure.
I love writing but sometimes I don't have time to write, time is to short for me to spend all day long in the office but what can I do, I also cannot stay all day in home, it could be so boring right? let make life balance, manage time is important, time to work, friend, family, me time. All of that important.
Well, its in the office now and I have to work because its time to work, will write later because I have a lot of idea in my mind, this is just to refresh mind in the morning and miss writing.
caw caw with other stories from Zatin :)

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