What foreigners "bule" ask when they are in Aceh and My Answer

Friday, 12 February 2016

Aceh most popular after tsunami, many countries know about Aceh because of tsunami, of course before tsunami foreigners also come here as a tourist, they come to Lhok Nga for surfing  and to Pulau Weh for diving. And now after tsunami there is more other reason to come, not only for surfing or diving but also to do research, teaching or studying at university and some marry with the local people.

And now there is an other issue what make them want to know about Aceh, it called " syariat islam" Islamic special role in Aceh. and because of this i faced similar question from different bule and sometimes make me confuse to answer that because I don't have good knowledge about it. In other hand I want to be a good agent of Aceh people so I have to answer with good statement to make them know more about Aceh and love Aceh. So this is a hard work actually but I have to, because many people have misunderstanding about Aceh even for Indonesian who never came to Aceh yet. 

These questions are:

1#As a woman do you feel they force you to cover your head ?
I cover my head since I was 13 year old that time I was at Junior High School not because i studied at islamic school but my parent teach me how to act like a muslim, they told me to cover this because that is mention in our holy book "Al-Quran" Allah said to our prophet Muhammad to tell to all sister in islam to cover their body and head, and this really useful for me because man will respect and act good to me. I don't say who not wear hijab is bad, because what make people bad and good is they attitude, if they have good attitude it mean they are good. For woman who choose to cover their head is come from her heart not because government made this Islamic law, Islamic law is good but remember, what all you do is because of you really want to do and not force by sharia,  when you do it by your self then you will peace in side, I don't say you can not to cover your head but follow your heart is better, do your best and God will do the rest
2#What do you think about Islamic role?
I think is Islamic role is good as long as it base on the rule from Al Quran, Hadith and Islamic leader, its become not good if someone who make this rule didn't understand about this rule, let an Islamic leader think about this, I don't said government don't good with this but when encourage the right people in this then all will be better. The right man in the right place
3#Why you cannot host man in your house?
This also another question to me from foreigner, its difficult for me to explain sometimes because western and eastern have different culture, the rule of the place where I life here is not allow a strange man to stay with woman because I don't life with parent here. That will be fine if I stay with parent (more answer you can ask to my personal email zatin.abdullah@gmail.com
4#Why you cannot marry with man who have different believe with you?
Another difficult question, will fine a good resource for this and we can discuss more for :)
5# Do you ever host a foreigners who are not nice to you?
My motto is good people will meet good people so, as long as you are good to other then other people will also good to you, never worried about negative think because there is God always with you.

This is some question to me from my friend, If you have any comment or you want to discuss this issue let find me on my email zatin.abdullah@gmail .com or through my facebook zatin Abdullah zatine_ab@yahoo.com

Thank you and happy life :)

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  1. Sis,
    I was very enjoy to read your article. Please share more..


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