How To Dealing With Jealousy

Monday, 31 August 2015

Jealousy is one of human characteristic, everyone feel jealous, for simple example in daily life, when you see friend success then you will feel jealous, when your friend buy thing then you will fell jealous, some jealousy is good and some is bad, depend on how you manage it, like when you see your friend success then you also try to be like them in positive way, because jealousy is part of human characteristics, here are some tips for you how to dealing with your jealousy.
  1. Imagine treating a person of an illness when you don't know what the cause behind it is, find out the root cause of your jealousy. This will help you to deal with it in better manner. Once you find the reason that can help you to take step to deal with jealous.
  2. Insecure is the underline cause of jealousy. it came because of you not confidence yourself , for that you need to improve your confidence and improve your weakness to be strong for what ever you will face in life and then you will feel better yourself. You should remember no body is perfect in this life and everybody has faults so keep positive.
  3. Everybody has negative experience in life so don't take to much time for thing king of this     unimportant aspect. Take a reasonable judgment then u will not feel jealous later.
  4. In relationship people may to jealous with friend and , but when you have a good faith and trust to your partner then you can deal with your jealous, don't try to make your misunderstanding to make your partner feel guilty.
  5. Do you feel less smart? do you feel you are ugly then other? are you feel jealous for your successful friend? do you feel you not lucky? If yes. So change your mental image, this not only help you to build your confidence but also abate your jealous feeling.
  6. Deal with your fear and get over them as soon as you can.
  7. Don't hide your unsecured feeling but try to find the right person to talk about it or you can talk by your self to find the area make you unsecured.
  8. Whenever you find yourself getting all green with envy, try to look the situation from a different angle. Think of events in differently and you can realize that your fist impression of the subject is not the best one.
  9. take a breath and think positive

This remind me to my boyfriend who dead on June 4, 2014. We both so jealous and we both so in love, love him a lot (August 2015)

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