How To Be A Happy Person

Monday, 31 August 2015

All people around the world want to be a happy person, no matter how small it it but happiness is important in life. Happiness can make person face life to be good but not all people can be happy because no body is perfect. So.. for this reason, here are some tips to make you happy in your life.

  • Forget and forgive other for what ever they do, its difficult because sometimes its hurt but when you learn to forgive other then happiness will came to you and make you feel better.
  • When you expect something from other don't expect to much because when you cannot reach that it will make you unhappy. 
  • some people like to compare himself with other so please don't do that because you have your own ability and limitation, appreciate your self for what ever you do and proud for being that.
  • Show your love and respect to people around you and your family. 
  • Try to be a social worker will help you being a good people and can feel other suffer and joy your self
  • Learn any art like learn singing, learn dancing and what ever you want
  • Give time for you alone and think about your good life
  • write what what you want to write, no matter it will be a very bad article but as long as can make you happy so just write.
  • Don't care about what people think about you because they don't give their life for you 
  • Learn about religion and spiritual view, the more you know God the less you will do mistake and that will make you happy.
  • Enjoy your life anytime both in positive and negative because God always there for you for so many reason.
  • close your eyes and smile to remember all good think was happen in your life.
  • Dress nice for every single moment, nice not meant an expensive clothes but good looking and fit on you.
  • Say what you want to say to make you happy.
  • Put smile in your face all the time
  • Keep healthy yourself
  • Eat what ever you want to eat and don't feel bad for being fat because fat it not mean you will be ugly
  • Treat yourself and to worry to spend your money for your food and what you want to buy because life is just one.
  • Plan to go around the work to learn culture
  • Get enough sleep and avoid over working 
  • Don't put all negative thought on your mind, forget all unhappy moment, just remember all happy moment.
  • Money is not everything, don't buy happiness with your money and dont slave for your money.
  • Do all your best for your live because you will get what you did
  • Help people and don't as to treat you back as you did.
This is some tips from me specially to remain myself to be happy in every single moment and I hope we can always keep all positive here inside and avoid all negative thought because it will kill your happiness.

So treat yourself with happiness and see the world came to you.

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