Why There is No peace on The Earth

Thursday, 3 September 2015

There is so many why in my though, specially about humanitarian and war all around the world, why this happening?? this is still why for me, what people fight about? why to kill people? why don't life in peace and harmony, why  and why???

What is the problem with this all people, what they want? why have to move to other country, I am still confuse? because I don't know the answer of it. Why don't just people live in peace and no war, help each other, is there is a big business to kill people and get rich from that.

This is  big problem, even i cant write because there is a lot of why here in my though, since i was child until now heard there is a lot of problem here and never solve and people like don't want to solve it and make it become huge till create new problem and then people die and their family get reverence and do the same in future. this is like a cycle never stop till the end of this earth.

People lost hope and do nothing till die because they don't know what to do, life is not fair for the people. They have to move from their country just to find peace, is peace cannot find in this earth what should we do? Is this the sign for us that world will end ???

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