poem - Tear

Thursday, 20 October 2016

An author of this poem is my friend, he made this special poem to me some year ago and that time i was in bad condition and need friend to support and he is here for me. than Rod Polister

Stillness casts a shadow over her
The Sumatran night hovers nearby
Stars overhead hanging in confusion
Insects afraid to disturb her thoughts

Her eyes lowered in supplication to end
The journey consuming hard-won sacrifices
The path rushing to a place called ‘Nowhere’
The dream crashing like a dying meteor.

Does anybody hear her when she cries
Does anybody know if she no longer cares
Does anybody see beyond her eyes
Does anybody enter her cloud of pain.

If anybody is awake to her unspoken need
Or know how to gatecrash her fortress
Engraved into her mind, and has
Locked her away, caged into submission.

If you find her in such a hidden place
Then just take her hand and lead her away
Make sure that you cushion her feet
Because her journey is not yet over.

And just maybe, she will care about you
And open her eyes to the guardian of her sleep
And just unlock her love … and release it
Into a safe place somewhere near your breathing.

Can you collect her sadness inside your hands
Can you find a place inside your heart
Can you touch the moisture of her eyelashes
And collect her tears onto your tongue.

Will she surrender herself to you
Will she allow you capture her soul
Do not forget, she is no one’s possession
Her miracle … she alone possesses you.

Author's Narrative: How does anybody survive the emotional upheaval when self-destruction happens to someone close? Are they defensive and protective towards themselves or do they open up their vulnerability and accept the outcome.                                                                   Rod Polister- 2013

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