Alone But Not Lonely

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hi girl..... why you still alone in your this age? oh God.. I really hate anyone who say this to me, this not polite i think but i cant say anything to people, because everyone have their own idea about everything. the most from this is I dont like judge people even they said something to me. I cant forgive myself is other hate me cos of my judge. this really hurt.

Well, back to the topic, alone but not feel lonely. Yes I am pretty sure about this, i talk about myself even people dont agree about what I said, they said being alone is not happy and if you show the happy face its just show it not real happy but what I feel is I am happy overthought I am alone, being alone is better then be with wrong person. see....!!!

Alone mean I can do what I want to do, i dont need someone permission for everything, I am a free will person, its I will do what my heart say me to do.

So far being alone is nice till I meet someone miracle , actually I love someone but he never know about this, stalking him all the time on facebook hihihihi. you are to perfect but what I can do? love is already here hiks

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