How To Become A Strong Woman

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

In disaster risk reduction concept, woman is kind of vulnerable group, its mean woman need support during disaster, I couldn't agree more from this issue, a woman can be a strong person also, they can help each other too even a woman can help man too. This is only a mind set that woman is a vulnerable, but if you say old woman, yes I do agreed, old people is kind of vulnerable, both woman and man.

Being a strong woman is not easy, specially in Indonesia because it is part a culture too, but as a woman we have to be strong and help other who need.  here is some tips I will share to you about how to be a strong woman based on my own experience:

1. Being an independence one, of course we need other help but just do it your self before ask help form other. Dont wait someone came to you and ask you about kind of help. Do it yourself because you have your own energy for that, be a strong and independence as much as you can

2. Life is about challenge, keep your eyes on that, the more you get challenge in life the more you will find solution, this is good for you because you become more wise on it. just keep try to face that challenge and find the solution, I believe this will help you to be more strong woman

3. You can make your own happiness, never wait or depend on other for your happiness, being a happy woman as much as you can, laugh ad free as you want. only you yourself know about your happy moment, so just make it and never wait

4. There is alot of strong woman in the world, just follow them, read their story and you will get something can help you to be a strong woman. 

That is a tips from me, so lets be a strong woman as much as you can do, try all your best and God will do the rest.

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