Sunday, 22 May 2016

I lost all my tear, there is no reason to cry, I really really do all my best but as a human being I am not that muc.h strong, I need you ALLAH, You always there for me to help because You Love me, but GOD why I am still feel lonely, I need someone beside me, I need someone here for me.

GOD... there is no reason for worse thing in life because what ever you do to me is all good thing but sometimes I cannot manage my heart, I need someone to help. I always try my best here in life, all best in my thought is not all best in GOD way, because GOD do the rest.

If GOD give me change to return, i really want be to 3 years ago and that time i didn't know him, that I can felt happines.

GOD, i need your hug, please hug me tight and make me feel safe,  I need you GOD, there no one I cant trust except YOU and only YOU.

GOD..... please give me happines, please help me to solve this problem, please help me to make someone happy, I beg to you GOD, please make all dream came true.

GOD.... give me the way to solve all this, I want to be stronger woman, I want to solve all problem and I want YOU hug me tight.

This is what I want from you GOD !!!!!http://ceritawarungkupi.blogspot.com

I copy this from my other blog

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