How To Transfer and Receive money through Western Union

Thursday, 16 June 2016

This morning I got massages on whatapps from my friend, some one stolen all her money at her bank card and now her card is block, she just has  10 euro with her now and she in in Pangandaran, Java Indonesia. She came from Spain to Indonesia for holiday. This is very sad but yeah she has to face all of this problem, her Bahasa Indonesia is so limited that make her difficult to explain to the people for help there. So she asked me help to speak to local people at Indomaret where there is Western Union on phone and explain to  shop keeper.
Because she just has 10 euro with her and she asked help from her friend in Spain. her friend will send her money through Western Union and the problem for both of them is this is the first experience for them use Western Union.
I ever had  experience to send receive money through Western Union  so I would love to share here how to transfer and receive money through Western Union. here is what need to prepare when you send and receive money.
Sending money:
  1. visit to the place who have a western union, usually in Indonesia u can find it at Bank, post office, indomaret and pergadaian
  2. show your id card
  3. fill the form and give money to official and show  your identity
  4. sign and you will get MTCN number
  5. give this MTCN number to someone that you send the money.
Receive money
  1. MTCN number
  2. the identity od sender
  3. your id card/ passport
  4. meet an official and tell them that you want to get the money
  5. fill the form that official give to you
  6. signature and then wait for some minute and money will be on your hand.
Hope this can help anyone who want to transfer money through Western Union

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