A person no longer alive I would love to meet is

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

There is a lot of reason to meet someone no longer life, its because missing, loving and want to feel them love. That is sad to have someone we love and we cannot meet them again in this life but we have to face this and nothing to do except pray for them and visit their grave but is that someone grave far away from you and you cannot visit them? Of course will feel so sad. 

A person  no longer alive I would love to meet is my fiance, I feel so for him, He had suffered in his life, he told me all thing about his life and so sad, I really want to meet him, hug him and spend life to take care of him for his sickness, I need more time to make him happy.

But God love him more I do, God want him no more suffer and take him from me, I love him very much.

Rest in Peace !!!!!!!!!!!

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