Question start with "Why" and I Dont Like It

Monday, 26 January 2015

There is a lot of why here in Aceh culture, people always ask why for everything even for small children, sometimes they dont know each other very well but still why question keep asking to people, I dont know its a culture or because people care each other here.

I faced this also, some people asked me why, and this is really annoying me because there is a lot of why and they continue with other question, they really care to me. Here are some why question to me from people who care ha ha ha.

Why you dont marry yet
People like to complain me about this because I am not young anymore in their thought ( I still feel young forever hahah) Why I am still single, I really hate this question, I really want to say" this is not your business" but better I put smile on my face and not need to answer this question

Why you not be a teacher (cos i got degree from education)
Come on, teaching not only in formal school, a for apple, b for bottle. Open your mind people" a teacher mean someone do teaching and transfer knowledge to other, Of course in my job now I do that.

Why dont you try CPNS
CPNS is a test to be a civil servant, goverment will pay for salary, Hey people why dont you ask me other question like why dont you open a business.

Why you look different from your sibling
This question I got for several time, when I said I am daughter of my parent or a sister of my brother, the people like to ask me why you look so different, you are black then other.. ugh...DOnt ask me why okay, this is not me who make me look sweet like this.

Why you take so long for your degree
Of course I was graduate now, Its 2015 man, and some people still think I not finish my stusy, then I said I took 12 years for this but people still ask me why???????? ugh.. no one say congrats

Why you move to this private univ
This why question happened when I moved to another univ, some friend asked me why I should move from there cos there is better then here, then I explain for so long story from A - Z but still have why before they said oooo. again next day i got the same question for so many time, then one day i got idea so when people asked me I just said DO (drop out) with my very proud face hahahaha rasain looooo

I hate this why question because sometimes i dont know that people who asked me this but i need to be wise, so I should face this but I am tired :(

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