Secret Admirer

Monday, 26 January 2015

I not sure myself about my feeling to someone there far from me, it came suddenly and there is something about him in my heart, it is flow like a water and I not realize it when exactly happened. He is very far from me and I know I cannot reach you but I cannot lie myself, there is already you in my heart.

You have a very pure heart, you everyone without asking any feed back to you, you ever told me "If you need friend to talk just talk to me" but  I am not that brave to talk to you without reason, someone said you are like a saint man and you have an angel heart then I said yes that is true.

Day by day my love for you keep strong but I never brave to tell that to you because I am not ready for rejected, I keep this feeling and only me and God now about this. Even I never brave to ask you about your condition, what I can do is I just see your picture and this is enough for me because I know very well I cannot reach you, you are to saint, good, religious, handsome, rich for me because I am only a modest girl.

I say thank to God because He let me to know you in my life, I thank to you because of the support you gave to me in my difficult life lately, I will always pray for you for every effort you ever made, wish to meet you one day and this is my special prayer :)

I am your secret admirer

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