Welcome January 2015

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Well.... today is Januari 15, 2015, wow what a great number, 15 and 2015, is there any special today? let see, its still morning here lol. Hey January, I am so sorry because I just welcoming you today, not 15 days ago because you know I was so busy lately, a lot of job and report make me not welcome you, I not forget you but the timing is not mix so today is my time to welcome you.

Hey January 2015, I want to tell you little bit about my place, I am living in Banda Aceh - Indonesia, of course you know my place right, the place affected by tsunami 10 years ago, it was long but everybody remember about that that day. Also my place famous about Islamic Rule, aaahhhh stop thinking this is terrorist place, Aceh is a nice place for everyone, everyone is welcome here, we never make other religion scare to worship their god, no. We allow them because we respect each other here and never harm everybody.

January 2015, I will not say sorry because we don't have firework for welcoming you but this is our place and we have our own rule, there is not allowed to celebrate new year here, so what we do???? me and my fiend just met together in our friend house and had dinner. Just it but a lot of fun :) . I should respect of the regulation made by our mayor, its not easy for her but just help her for this

January 2015, this is my story for today, hope you will be kind to me because I just talk to you today, I will always here with you january and help me also to fight with my life here.

15 January 2015, what a perfect number :)

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